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Tailored indemnity insurance protection for Qualified Aesthetic Practitioners. Specialist schemes for all types of Medics and Non-Medics. Professional Indemnity and malpractice insurance for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Practitioners

Insync Aesthetic Insurance Cover

Insync is a specialist insurance broker providing bespoke insurance cover and advice to the aesthetics and cosmetics Industry. Professional negligence and malpractice allegations resulting from treatments carried out by aesthetic professionals can be very expensive, our range of exclusive insurer schemes provide peace of mind and protection to over 25,000 clients across the UK.

Our team of over 50 specialist aesthetic insurance brokers will help you find the right level of professional and malpractice insurance cover to meet your specific requirements and your budget. Typical policies we arrange can be tailored to include:
  • Cover for Medics & Non-Medics
  • Self-employed beauty and/or Aesthetic Practitioners
  • Aesthetic and Cosmetic Clinics
  • Beauty and Aesthetic Salons
  • Aesthetic Training Professionals, Academies and Schools
  • Choice of A-Rated insurers fully underwritten at Lloyd’s of London
  • Medical Malpractice and Professional Indemnity from £1m to £10m+
  • Public Liability from £1m to £10m+
  • Employers Liability
  • Business Equipment and/or Contents
  • Policies include Breach of Professional Confidentiality
  • Libel & Slander and Inquest Hearing Costs cover
  • Regulatory Body Hearings cover
  • Legal Protection and Excess Insurance options
  • Indemnity to Principle extension available

What does Aesthetics Insurance cover?

The predominate risk to you as an aesthetics practitioner is allegations of negligence and/or malpractice emanating from the treatments you have provided to a client. Following a treatment, such as botox and/or dermal fillers, a client, or their legal representatives, may allege malpractice in the form of injury, illness, or even death. Without adequate aesthetics insurance, you would be left to defend any allegations personally, incurring significant legal costs and if you are subsequently deemed to be at fault, some serious malpractice claims can run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation payments alone, not to mention the loss of earnings and other costs.

As well as bodily injury or illness claims, you may also see financial loss only negligence allegations whereby a client is simply not happy with the treatment outcome or professional advice you have provided. Professional indemnity claims are becoming more common, particularly where expected outcomes of the aesthetic or cosmetic treatment are not set before commencement.

In addition to medical indemnity (malpractice) and professional indemnity, our schemes can also include public liability, covering your legal liability for injury to members of the public or damage to third party property. Whilst public liability insurance incidents are less frequent than treatment losses; events such as slips, trips or falls (e.g. over a cable or a wet floor) can incur large compensation.

What type of Medical Professionals can buy a Cosmetic & Aesthetic insurance policy?

Insync offers a range of indemnity products for qualified Aesthetic Practitioners, all underwritten by our panel of A-Rated insurance partners. We have three exclusive schemes for qualified and registered medical and dental professionals who hold a license to practice with the UK or Irish regulatory body (e.g. GMC, GDC, NMC, HCPC, GPhc, NMBI, DCI etc), including:
  • Aesthetic & Cosmetic Nurses
  • Nurse Prescribers
  • Paramedics & Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Doctors & Surgeons
  • Operating Department Practitioners
  • Dentists
  • Dental Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Midwife/Midwives
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Can beauty professionals and non-medics buy aesthetics insurance?

Insync is the leading provider of aesthetic insurance for non-medics arranging cover for thousands of practitioners throughout the UK including injectable treatments for Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler. Your experience and qualifications will be individually reviewed on their merits, with our schemes designed specifically to accept those from an experienced aesthetic, beauty or cosmetic background, as well as newly qualified practitioners who have trained with specialist academy partners.

What types of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments can you cover?

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in the beauty and aesthetic industry, working closely with leading industry experts to ensure we respond to trends and your customer demands. Our treatment list is reviewed with insurers every week, but typical treatment cover options include:
  • Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Advanced Botox, Azzalure, Bocoture and Dysport)
  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
  • Buttock and/or Hip Sculptra® Aesthetic Augmentation
  • Chemical Peels
  • Cryolipolysis / CoolSculpting
  • Cryopen
  • Depilatory Waxing and Electrical Epilation
  • Dermal Filler (Advanced Filler)
  • Dermaplaning
  • Ear Irrigation & Micro Suction
  • Ear & Body Piercing
  • Eyelash Extensions & LVL Lashes, Tinting and Henna Brows
  • Fat Dissolving (inc. Desoface/Desobody, Aqualyx™, Sunekos, Lipo-lax)
  • Fraxin™
  • General Beauty Treatments
  • HIFU™
  • High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (“HIFU”)
  • Hya-pen (Hylauron Pen, Hii Pen)
  • Hyaluronidase/Hyalase Treatment (dissolving dermal fillers)
  • Hyperhydrosis
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Intense Flash Light (IFL), Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) or Light Heat Energy (LHE)**
  • IV Vitamin Injections and infusion therapy
  • Jalupro
  • Laser Treatments
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Lipolysis (Weight loss treatment)
  • Mesotherapy
  • Microblading/Micropigmentation
  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • Micro-needling
  • Nerve Block/Dental Block/Lidocaine/Lignocaine
  • Phlebotomy
  • Plasma Pen™ & Plasma Fibroblast
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Polydioxanone Threads (PDO Threads)
  • Profhilo
  • Prescribing
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Treatments
  • Sclerotherapy
  • SPMU / Semi-Permanent Make-up (inc. BB Glow)
  • Tattoo and/or Body Piercing
  • Tattoo Removal (inc. Laser Tattoo Removal)
  • Redensity 1
  • Ultrasound Treatments
  • Vitamin B12 Injections
  • Weight Loss Injectables (Skinny Pen) inc. Saxenda & Ozempic)

Why choose Insync for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Insurance?

  • Experienced Aesthetic Insurance Team serving thousands of existing practitioners and clinics
  • Access to a Dedicated Account Manager who understands your risk
  • Flexible cover & monthly payments – just pay for the sections you need
  • Expert advice from Aesthetic Insurance specialists
  • Claims and Risk Management support
  • FREE Access to Insync Benefits and Perks – Average Savings of over £500 per year

Can you cover Aesthetic Practitioners working on a mobile basis?

Yes, some insurers on our medical malpractice insurance panel are happy to cover mobile practitioners, either on a full-time basis or in conjunction with work in single or multiple clients. We also arrange cover for many clients with home-based clinics, or those renting rooms in other medical or beauty settings.

Can Insync cover new Practitioners completing a Pathway to Aesthetics, or Fast-track course, even if I don’t have any beauty experience?

Insync works with specific training academy partners specialising in pathways and fast-track to aesthetics courses, allowing new entrants in aesthetics to practice immediately on course completion. Please contact us if you have any specific questions around the course you are undertaking.

Do I need a teaching qualification to be covered to teach injectables treatments?

If you come from a medical background, insurers may not require any additional qualifications for you to teach others. For non-medics, a teaching qualification is generally required and potentially a longer length of experience in the treatments being taught, although this is not always the case with all underwriters and is something you should discuss with your Insync Account Manager.

What does “Claims Made” cover mean in an aesthetic practitioners insurance?

Cover under the medical malpractice and professional liability section of the policy is provided on a “Claims Made Basis”, this means that the policy covers claims made against you during the policy period. You need to have cover in place at the time of the negligence (i.e. when you do the treatment) AND, also at the time a claim is notified to you.

What excess will I have to pay in the event of a claim?

In the event you need to make a claim, you may be responsible to be the first part of the loss. This is known as an excess, or deductible. Excesses vary depending on your experience and qualifications as well as the treatment being undertaken. Please refer to your policy or quotation schedule for specific details of any excess which may apply to your policy.

Can I add other treatments I train in during the policy period?

All Insync aesthetic insurance policies are extremely flexible and can grow with your business. As you qualify in new treatment areas your Account Manager will assist you in adding these to your policy.

How much is Aesthetic Insurance?

Premiums will vary depending on your qualifications, experience and the treatments you are carrying out. We can also offer a range of indemnity limits and you can select the most appropriate for your business.

What training & qualifications do I need to obtain Aesthetics Insurance?

If you are a medically qualified professional such as Nurse, Paramedic, Doctor, Dentist or Pharmacist and have completed training in the required treatment (e.g. botox and dermal fillers), our insurers can cover you immediately.

If you are a non-medic and have beauty industry experience, as well as the level of training aligned to the treatments you wish carry out, will be assessed with your insurance application. Generally, an NVQ Level 3 Beauty Qualification (or equivalent) is the minimum benchmark in addition to appropriate training, but please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, we are happy to guide you before you book a course.

Is Aesthetic Insurance a legal requirement?

Unlike employer’s liability, arranging insurance cover for aesthetic treatments is not currently a legal requirement. However, the financial risk to practitioners from allegations of negligence relating to both malpractice and/or professional advice is significant. We have seen many claims running into hundreds of thousands of pounds for legal defence costs alone, without adequate aesthetic and cosmetic insurance you and your business would be personally liable, leaving your assets, such as your car or home, severely exposed.

Can you cover the teaching of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments?

All Insync cosmetic and aesthetics schemes can be extended to cover the teaching of others in all types of treatments including injectables.

What level of medical malpractice and professional indemnity should I buy?

The simple answer to how much malpractice cover to buy is, you should buy as much as you can afford! Your policy is arranged with an aggregate maximum limit for 12 months and needs to cover all claims awards and defence costs incurred during that period. Whilst some other providers may offer lower limits, at Insync, we only over cover with a minimum limit of £1m for injectable treatments, anything less than this level will leave you severely exposed to treatment risk claims.

When deciding on your limit you should look at the treatments undertaken and the demographics of your specific client base. If your typical client is a high net worth individual, items such as loss of earnings can be much higher.

Can I pay monthly for my aesthetic and cosmetic insurance?

All policies are arranged for 12 months, however, we work with leading premium finance house, Close Brothers Premium Finance, to offer clients the ability to pay premiums over 10 months if required to assist with business cashflow.

I trade as a Limited Company, can you offer aesthetic business insurance cover?

At Insync we can cover sole traders, Partnerships, LLPs and Limited Companies under all our aesthetic and/or beauty business insurance policies. Your Account Manager will be able to help you examine all your business risks and build an appropriate package tailored to your needs.

What excess will I have to pay in the event of a claim?

In the event you need to make a claim, you may be responsible to be the first part of the loss. This is known as an excess, or deductible. Excesses vary depending on your experience and qualifications as well as the treatment being undertaken. Please refer to your policy or quotation schedule for specific details of any excess which may apply to your policy.

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