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Mobile Hairdressers’ Insurance

Award-winning insurance for mobile and self-employed hairdressers, including liability and treatment risk cover

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Hairdressing Insurance

Our team at Insync provide insurance for self-employed or mobile hairdressers right across the UK. All policies include full public liability and treatment risk insurance and cover starts from just £35.00 per year!

As hair industry experts we recognise that every stylist may have different requirements and our instant online quotation system for self-employed hairdresser insurance can compare policies from over 5 of the UK’s leading insurers, helping you find the right level of cover at the right price!

We can cover:

  • Self-employed hairdressers working in a salon (renting a chair)
  • Self-employed hairdressing professionals working from home
  • Mobile hairdressers working from a variety of different locations
Close up of womans hair being cut with scissors and comb

Mobile Hairdresser Insurance

Our mobile Hairdressing Insurance recognises that as a mobile hairdresser you’ll be bringing the salon to the customer, usually going to a client’s home to cut, colour and style as needed. This brings additional risks and additional stock to cover than those hairdressers renting a chair.

A mobile hairdresser needs similar insurance to a self-employed hairdresser except they might need away-from-work equipment cover or business use car insurance that will largely depend on whether you work at one location or you drive between multiple work locations. Mobile hairdressers may also choose to protect their stock and equipment from damage or theft.

A mobile hairdresser would benefit from several different insurance covers including public liability insurance, Treatment risk liability insurance, products liability insurance Stock & Equipment cover, Legal expenses insurance and money cover. You may also consider personal accident protection in case you are injured and cannot work. For example, you fall on ice and break your arm.

Self Employed Hairdressers Insurance

Specialist cover for self-employed and freelance hairdressers Includes cover for stylists who “Rent-a-chair” Public Liability Insurance from £1m to £5m, with Treatment Risk included as standard. Business equipment, stock and materials Money and legal expenses options are also available and you can tailor cover to your specific requirements.

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Asked Hairdressing Insurance

We have prepared a list of the questions we are regularly asked by Customers before and after buying a policy.

If you need further help we are always available.

Self-employed hairdressing insurance provides a simple cost-effective solution for self-employed and mobile hair technicians. Based on core public liability insurance, it also includes cover against claims for treatment risk as standard, which includes claims for use of hair products and dyes.

Public liability insurance for self-employed and mobile hairdressers provides indemnity for compensation claims and expenses from members of the public as a result of the actions of you or your business. For example, a client trips over the power lead from your hairdryer and twists their ankle. With our specialist insurance package in place, you will have any you need to process any claims made against you.

Products liability insurance is also included as standard. As hairdressers, this is particularly useful if you sell or give away any hair products. Should someone suffer injury as a result of using the product they could seek financial compensation for you, which is where products liability cover comes in.

In addition to liability protection, you can also include insurance cover for your business equipment including any stock or materials.

The simple answer is yes. When you rent a chair you are self-employed, most salon policies will exclude cover for self-employed stylists as they are simply trading separately from the salon location.

Fortunately, cover for public liability for a self-employed hairstylist is relatively inexpensive and it will also allow you the freedom to take on any work away from the salon (for example at a clients home address) as required.

Working as a mobile hairdresser means you’ll be self-employed and therefore responsible for securing your own insurance policy.

Without our self-employed hairdresser insurance, you may find yourself in financial distress if a client were to claim against you as a result of their treatment with you. It is highly recommended to protect yourself and your business against any accidents, especially those that may arise from treatments including reactions to hair dye use or injuries from heating equipment.

However, the only insurances a mobile or self-employed hairdresser would be required to hold by law are the correct vehicle insurance if they are travelling to multiple locations by driving and employers’ liability insurance if you hire someone.

Hair treatment risk cover protects you and your business against compensation claims for injury or illness as a result of hair treatment, or the application you have applied. Claims from the application of hair extensions are quite commonplace and without adequate insurance protection, you could find yourself on the end of a significant lawsuit.

As a trained hair technician you have a duty of care to provide safe treatment to your clients. However, accidents can happen, which is why treatment risk is essential for hairdressing professionals.