Dental Nurse Indemnity Insurance

GDC Approved Dental Nurse Indemnity Insurance from dental and medical professional indemnity insurance specialists.  Quote and Buy your cover online in minutes.  Premiums start at just £57.90 per year for £1m indemnity including IPT and all fees.

Dental Nurse Indemnity Cover

The Insync indemnity scheme for dental nurses combined simplicity and flexibility, our cover includes:

  • Medical Malpractice and Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance with limits from £1m to £5m as standard
  • All policies approved for GDC registration and revalidation
  • Cover for all General & Extended General Nurse duties as standard
  • Option to Include Aesthetic & Cosmetic Insurance Treatments (Inc. injectable anti-wrinkle treatments)
  • Cover for Dental Nurses who are self-employed, employed, or trading as a Limited Company
  • Legal Costs & Expenses for Health & Safety at Work Act investigation and prosecution (up to £10,000)
  • Breach of Confidence cover up to £100,000 (for example misuse of social media)
  • Libel and Slander cover (Defamation) up to £100,000
  • Agreed 3-Year Run-off cover

What is Dental Nurse Indemnity?

Dental nurse indemnity insurance provides legal liability protection for claims made against you for malpractice and professional negligence relating to clinical treatment and/or advice you provide as a dental nurse. It is a form of professional indemnity insurance but also extending to cover bodily injury and illness claims.

In your capacity as a fully trained and registered dental professional, the law dictates that you have a duty of care for the treatment and/or advice you provide to your patients. Should one of your patients suffer injury and/or illness which they believe is a result of the treatment you have provided they may seek financial compensation for damages, together with any associated legal costs.

Your dental nurse indemnity insurance will provide specialist legal support to help you defend any malpractice or negligence allegations, as well as cover for any awards for damages against you.

General Dental Council (GDC) Dental Nurse Indemnity Requirements

To apply or renew your registration with the GDC, all dental care professionals, including dental nurses, need to complete an indemnity insurance declaration. From November 2015, the GDC registration rules were updated and confirmation of your indemnity cover is required before your annual renewal, or new application can be completed.

All dental indemnity policies provided by Insync will meet GDC requirements, allowing you to declare cover with confidence.

Why Choose Insync for your Dental Nurse Insurance?

Insync’s team of medical and dental indemnity specialists will be here to support you throughout the life of your policy, they understand the different risk exposures and GDC requirements, allowing the cover to be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Dedicated Dental Indemnity Team
  • Instant online quotations – Quote and Buy in minutes
  • Flexible cover options – just pay for the sections you need
  • Expert advice from Dental Professional Indemnity Insurance specialists
  • Expert Dental Legal and Claims Support
  • Personal – Digital servicing with dedicated advice and support when you need it most

Is Dental Nurse Indemnity a Legal Requirement

Standard 1.8 of the GDC Standards for the Dental Team states that: “You must have appropriate arrangements in place for patients to seek compensation if they suffer harm”.

Dental Nurse Indemnity provides this protection allowing you to meet this requirement and your legal obligations. Failure to arrange suitable cover and/or making a false indemnity declaration could lead to a Fitness to Practice investigation and potential prosecution. 

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What level of Dental Nurse Indemnity do I need?

The GDC requirements do not specify a required limit of cover, it is your responsibility as a dental professional to purchase the level of indemnity which is appropriate for your needs.

Whilst we always recommend our dental nurse clients purchase the highest level of cover they can afford, you should consider things like your patient demographic and the type of work undertaken. Your dental indemnity needs to provide enough cover for not only an individual claim, but ALL claims awards and defence costs incurred made against you in 12 months.

Insync offers a range of dental nurse indemnity limits starting from £1,000,000 to £5,000,000 as standard, with higher limits also available on request.

Do I need to provide an Indemnity Certificate to the GDC?

The GDC does not usually ask you to provide a copy of your dental indemnity cover as part of the revalidation or application process.  However, you are making a legal declaration that appropriate cover is in place, so with this in mind, we would recommend you receive your policy documents before making your declaration to ensure you are fully protected.

The GDC also reserve the right to request a copy of your indemnity certificate at any time should they seek formal confirmation of cover. 

What activities are covered under your Dental Nurse Indemnity scheme?

Unlike other schemes, we offer an extremely wide level of clinical cover for dental nurses under our indemnity scheme.  As well as general dental nurse duties and processing of radiographs, the cover is also automatically provided for additional duties such as:

  • Dental photography, casting models, trays, taking impressions and applying fluoride varnish
  • Orthodontic Dental Nurse work
  • Oral Maxillio-facial work (including changing of dressings)
  • Cosmetic Dental Nurse work

All dental nurse activities, including extra duties, are covered as standard.  The only area of work which requires payment of an additional premium is cover for application of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments such as injectable anti-wrinkle treatments


How much does Dental Nurse Indemnity Insurance cost?

Insync’s standard dental nurse indemnity policy starts at just £57.90 per year, which includes insurance premium tax and a small £7.50 administration fee.  This covers all dental nurse activities excluding non-clinical aesthetic treatments such as injectable anti-wrinkle treatments.

Can you offer Aesthetic Insurance for Dental Nurses?

Insync is a specialist broker for the medical and aesthetic sector.  We have an exclusive aesthetic insurance scheme for dental nurses which can cover a wide array of aesthetic treatments including injectable anti-wrinkle treatments and fat dissolving. Premiums covering GDC registered dental nurses for aesthetics start from just £325.00 (plus insurance premium tax) per year. 

Would my Dental Nurse Indemnity be covered by the Dental Practice?

A dental practice can include cover for dental nurses under a dental practice indemnity policy, however as it is not compulsory, you should check carefully that the correct level of cover is in place.  Also, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct level of dental indemnity in place to meet your GDC requirements and, as you do not directly control the policy, it could be inadvertently cancelled and/or amended by the practice without your knowledge leaving you exposed to potential claims as well as a GDC fitness to practice investigation.

What is “Claims Made” Indemnity Insurance?

All dental indemnity insurance policies are arranged on a “claims-made” basis. This means that you need to have cover in place when you provide any treatment AND when a claim is made against you. If you are transferring to Insync from another provider, our insurers will accept liability for all previous treatments and work, subject to you being unaware of any allegations of negligence against you; this is known as retroactive cover.

What is the Retroactive Date on my policy?

Your retroactive date is the date beyond which any treatments, or advice provided by you, can be considered by your insurers.  If this is a new policy your retroactive date will be the inception (start date) of your policy, if you have a previous policy which is due for renewal, we will honour your existing retroactive date and this will be carried forward onto your current policy free of charge.  Your retroactive date is normally the first date on which you arranged insurance.

Do you offer a discount for Part-Time Dental Nurses?

Our insurers recognise that workloads can fluctuate across the dental nurse community from time-to-time, however, we have taken the view that is it more appropriate to keep premiums as low as possible for all clients rather than offering differing rates for full or part-time dental nurses, including anyone on maternity leave. 

Do I need to be a member of an association such as the British Association of Dental Nurses to buy cover?

The Insync dental nurse indemnity scheme is available to all dental nurses registered to the GDC, including Aesthetic Dental Nurses, there is no requirement for any other registration or membership.

What is an extended reporting period (ERP) or Run-Off cover?

As a dental and medical indemnity policy is generally underwritten on a “claims-made basis”, you need cover in place when the treatment and/or advice is provided AND when a claim is reported. As claims can often be made some months, or even years, after the treatment was completed, it’s advisable to arrange a run-off programme for at least 3 years after your cease to operate as a dental nurse. 

What happens if I cease to practice or retire?

Our dental nurse indemnity scheme offers a built-in extended reporting period (run-off cover), this allows you to extend cover for claims made after the expiry of the policy, subject to payment of an agreed additional premium.

Who underwrites the Insync Dental Nurse Indemnity scheme?

All Insync Dental Nurse Indemnity policies are fully underwritten by AXIS Syndicate 1686 at Lloyd’s, part of AXIS Capital Holdings Limited, Rated A+ for financial security by Standards & Poors (S&P).

What’s the difference between insurance-based, full underwritten indemnity and Dental Defence Union (DDU) Membership?

When you joined a Defence Union, such as the DDU, you will enjoy protection against negligence allegations as part of your membership fees.  However, protection is provided on a discretional basis and is always subject to acceptance by the Union, meaning there is always a potential that support could be declined.  With a fully underwritten indemnity policy, as long as the policy terms and conditions are met, the policy will respond, giving you must more certainty and peace of mind. 

Can I make payment in monthly instalments?

We can offer Premium Finance Facilities with Close Brothers Premium Finance for all policies over £125.00 (subject to a small interest charge and acceptance).  However, as most dental nurse indemnity policies are less than £60.00 per year most clients make payment in full by credit or debit card.

Can I obtain an immediate quotation and insurance cover?

You can buy your dental indemnity policy to start immediately online, alternatively, cover be arranged for up to 30 days into the future.

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