My Policy & Documents FAQs

Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes our emails end up in there. You will have been sent a confirmation email from, you can also find your documentation in your Customer Portal if you bought your policy online.

You can find your policy documents by visiting our customer portal and selecting “My Policies” on the left-hand navigation banner. Once you have selected the policy you wish to view, you will be able to download, save or print your policy documents by selecting the documents section.

Your documents will be available through our portal once you have purchased the policy, however, they can take up to 48 hours to be updated.

You can submit a change request through our customer portal providing you are registered. All you need to do is select the relevant policy and then click “Make a change” and complete the necessary information. Alternatively, you can email us at or use our Live Chat/Messenger Service. If you would prefer to speak to somebody, then you can phone our Customer Services team on 03308087851.

Any additional cover can be added to your existing policy via our customer portal for our online quote and buy websites. You will need to register by clicking through on your original sale email and following the steps. For more advanced changes that get referred to our team, you will need to speak to an advisor and they will be able to update the policy for you.

Due to the Data Protection Act, we require the policyholder to contact us in the event of a claim. If you are an employee, you must have the expressed permission of the person(s) who arranged the policy.

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Your policy end date will be noted in your policy documents. If you have registered for our customer portal, you can easily see your end date by selecting the policy you want to look at.

If you have paid by Close Brothers, you will receive documents in the post that detail your loan agreement and include your loan reference number. To manage your loan and direct debit you can do it from the Close Brothers Portal.

All cancellation policies are detailed within your policy documentation and are specific to the policy and type of cover you have. Should you wish to cancel your policy, please contact us on 03308087851 to discuss this further. Please check your policy document for full terms and conditions.

All your coverage is listed on your documentation sent via email from your account handler at the point of sale or at renewal. This is normally entitled your “Insurance Schedule” or “List of Acceptable Treatments”. For our online quote and buy websites, your policy documents will be available in our customer portal. You will need to register by clicking through on your original sale email and following the steps.

If you’re experiencing problems viewing your documents or logging in, then there may have been a problem in your account registration. First please check the email used to register must be the same one used to open the policy. This will link your email address to your policy area and allow you to view documents. You need to complete your registration before accessing your policy:

  1. Open the welcome email sent from, you will have received this after purchase. To register, click on the ‘view my documents’ button in the email.
  2. This then takes you to the portal landing page, where you will be asked to sign up or sign in. Make sure you sign up if it’s your first time.
  3. You will need to enter your email and password, the same one used to buy the policy, then click ‘SIGN UP’
  5. You will be directed to the portal where you can either view documents or make changes.