CoverMyTools FAQs

We cover all hand and power tools up to a value of £25,000. We class a tool as such if only one person can carry this to and from a vehicle with ease. The tools must belong to you or be held under a hire purchase or lease agreement for which you are responsible. We don’t have a price limit on a single tool. You could insure a tool which might be £5000, and then the rest of your tools could add up to £1000. Select cover for the cumulative cost of your tools and keep an inventory of your tools with the serial numbers and receipts for when you need to make a claim.

You can choose the amount of excess you pay, between £50 to £500. In the event of a theft from a vehicle, the excess will be doubled. For sums insured above £5,000, there is a minimum excess of £250 or £500 for losses from vehicles.

We can offer up to £25,000 worth of tool cover per person to a maximum of 10 people on one policy.

We offer specialist tools insurance for individuals or employers for up to 10 people. We cover tool theft, including from vehicles and offer all-risks cover. We cover portable, handheld powered and non-powered tools. You will be covered against the following:
– Accidental damage
– 24/7 theft cover (incl. overnight and vehicle)
– The policy covers tools at your home address, storage units & locked unattended vehicles.
– The policy will cover the tools anywhere in the UK
– Worldwide cover is included for a max of 30 days per annum (excluding Cuba & Iran) – Includes hire-purchase agreement, leased or hired tools (with correct documentation). For extended cover or complete business insurance, please see our Trades Insurance.

On a successful claim, you’ll be given the option to replace, repair or reinstate lost/stolen tools. In the majority of cases, you will be issued with a credit note which can be redeemed instantly at our approved suppliers. Our approved suppliers are Direct Lawn & Garden and Machine Mart. Our policy is covered on a new for old basis so you at least have that peace of mind, tools replaced are brand new. If your tools are stolen, You will also have to report the theft to the police.

We can provide you cover if you have only had one loss or claim in the last 3 years. Any more than one in that time period unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to provide any cover.

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To cover more than just your tools, we are able to provide additional cover; it will likely be a tradesperson policy you’ll need. Trades insurance provides specialist cover for sole traders and businesses in the building and construction industry. Policies are available for over 100 different trades providing public liability protection for legal costs and any associated compensation payments should you, or one of your employees, cause damage to property or injury to a third party in connection with your business.

If you sub-contract to a larger firm, it is highly likely that you will be asked to provide proof of cover prior to the commencement of any work or when tendering for a job. If the cover is already in place, it makes the whole process much smoother.

As long as your tools are either locked away and out of sight or are within arm’s length they will be covered. The policy includes storage at your home address, storage units & unattended vehicles.

We cover tool thefts from vans, including hire and third-party vans, tools must be out of sight and the vehicle locked and any safety features are put in place. In the event of a theft from a vehicle, the excess will be doubled. We don’t need to know any details regarding your vehicle.

You will need to provide one form of proof of ownership in the event of a claim – either the original receipt or a photographic inventory of all tools with their serial numbers visible. All records of photos, serial numbers or proof of receipts can be sent to either ‘’ or your account handlers’ email.

Correct, if you have a successful claim, we cover you on a new for old basis.