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Dawn: Okay, so I’m here with Leanne Hill, our very own Partnerships Manager Insync. Good morning. How are you?

Leeanne: Yeah, very well. Thank you for having me over.

Dawn: That’s all right. So today, we’re gonna be talking a bit about partnerships and what you guys get up to within the company.

So, what is it that Partnerships do at Insync?

Leeanne: So, in the Partnership team, we develop and build relationships with many sectors of the beauty industry. So we work with a lot of training academies. We don’t just work with people who provide students; we work across a multitude of industries within beauty and aesthetics. So, we are in partnership with some apps. We are in partnership with some management platforms, but the majority is that we do a lot with training academies. So once their academies have trained their students, they can send their students to us, and they can get their insurance.

How does a Company become a Partner?

Leeanne: Pick up the phone; give us a call at the partnerships team. So, what the process is, we have a short chat with you about what your business is and what you expect to refer to us. So whether that’s a number of students that you feel like you’re going to refer across to us, whether it’s, um, how much traffic that might generate from your app or your website, and then we can put into process the ability for you to say to your students or to your clients that you can, you are partnered with Insync and we’ll pay you for students and those clients that you’re sending our direction. So why would you not want to partner with Insync when you can make easy money outta doing it? It’s brilliant.

Why should people Partner with us?

Leeane: I think it gives you that reassurance when you are training your students, and you can say that you’re partnered with Insync, and you know that you can tell your students and reassure them that they can get the insurance they require for the treatments they require going forward. It gives you a nice brand name, I think, to say that you’re working with a reputable company, and I’d recommend that you look at Insync for your insurance requirements going forward. We give you support, so we make sure that you know what your students require to gain insurance.

So we make you help make, help you understand the prerequisites for the insurers so that you’re not having difficult conversations with students. Who you’ve taken money from and trained them in treatment, they ring us and can’t then get insurance. So understanding what those insurance requirements are for your students, I think, is key to anyone who’s teaching and working with an insurance company alongside your training school; I think it’s and should be a vital part of yours.

Dawn: Absolutely. And like you said before, they do get a commission out of sending so many students to us as well, don’t they? So, moving on, I’d like to discuss fast tracks. You know, you’ve mentioned to me before whilst we’ve been talking, and I’d just like to know, like what is a Fast track course, and how this all fits in with us.

What is a Fast-Track Course?

Leeanne: So when you partner with this at Insync, the insurance policies all require an element of prerequisites. So, if you’re going to teach your student injectables and fillers as a partner of Insync, your student must have either an NVQ level three in beauty therapy. They must, or they must have anatomy and physiology level three with six months of microneedling or needling experience. Or they can have an NVQ level two in beauty therapy with three months of needling. With their anatomy and physiology level three, OR they can be a medic. So, a nurse, a dental nurse, a doctor, a pharmacist, a paramedic.

So when you’re a partner of Insync, those are your insurance prerequisites to teach injectables or aesthetics with a fast track. They are a pre-approved course that anybody can go onto. So you and I can go on these. Done and without a beauty background. They’re a pre-approved course that is intense, and they are all-encompassing with pre-learning practicals, and you are taught by professionals in this industry. So they’ve already got teaching experience. They’ve already been in the industry for a very long time. And you and I can go onto those courses, and by the end of the completion, we’ll come away with the ability to perform aesthetic treatments.

Dawn: Wow, that’s absolutely amazing.

So, if you are a Partner, does that mean you have a Fast Track with us?

Leeanne: No. No, no. So when you’re a Partner with us – All of the students that you teach must fit a prerequisite to get insurance. If you do want to fast-track with Insync, you need to have that conversation with us. There is so much work that goes into getting these fast tracks approved for you. You have to submit your training manuals. You have to prove your pre-learning studies, learning. You have to show the exams that you’re putting them through and what that pass rate is. Requirements can go backwards and forwards between us, you and the underwriters for up to three to four months before they get finally pre-approved. So, a fast track is a very different thing to being a partner and to anybody who is listening today. If you would like to discuss a fast track please, please get in touch with us. But my biggest advice to any partner is not to just create a fast track. And think that because you’re partnered with us, we’ll ensure that student- it won’t happen.

We, unfortunately, will have to make that student go and have a conversation with you cuz you’ve taken money off of somebody for a course that’s not approved yet. So in terms of, you know, partnerships, a company’s been set up, that kind of thing, you know, how do the partnerships team look after the partners? So when we bring you on board, we’ll always book a three-month review from the day that we signed you up and you’ve completed all the training.

Leeanne: At that three-month review, we’ll have a chat about the number of referrals we’ve received so far. We’ll have a chat about any business updates or any changes that have happened at Insync, and we’ll also give you an opportunity to upgrade your partner tier so you could, on the levels of leads that you’re sending to us, we could increase your commission at that point. But it also gives you an opportunity as a partner to discuss with us what you’ve enjoyed, how it’s worked and what your students have said about Insync on buying their insurance.

Once we’ve done that three-month review, we will then push it to an annual, and we’ll do that every year going forward. However, you will always have an account handler within our partnerships team who you can email you phone if you’ve got any questions about your partnership with us, whether it’s about students who you’ve not, you are not sure if they’ve got the right qualifications to get onto your course in the first place. Our biggest, biggest advice to anybody out there is to ring us. Don’t ever teach anybody you are unsure of. Background or whether they have got that experience to get onto the course. I would rather tell you no. If you do not train, then train, ring us, and we can’t Insure you. It’s not a nice conversation for us to have with the student, and it’s not one you are gonna wanna have with your student either.

Dawn: That’s brilliant, and it’s really key to have those reviews as well, just to see if you are getting the outcomes you want with us as well.

Leeanne: I think it’s really important that we do the reviews for us to learn more about you and your company and for you to keep up to date with us about any changes that are going on. You know, tell us what’s worked well, what hasn’t worked well, and vice versa. So, these reviews are a key part of strengthening relationships and making all our partners understand that we are always at the end of the phone, at the end of an email, and we’ll always offer support where we can.

So another question I have is, you know, if you partner with us, is insurance guaranteed?

Leeanne: No, unfortunately not. So, when it comes to insurance, No insurance is guaranteed. So many factors come into play when you’re buying your insurance. So you’ve got criminal records, previous claims, financial issues like IVAs or bankruptcies. So we can never guarantee a policy. So we always advise people to, if you are looking into being a part of or doing a training course with a partner or even with a fast track provider.

Always ring Insync to see if you can get a quote before you part with your money to make sure that you can actually get that policy when and after you’ve completed your course with a fast track. Yes, we partner with them again. It’s a good way to get it into aesthetics, but again, without doing your quote and without knowing your background, as there would be, we can’t guarantee the course.

Dawn: No, that’s completely understandable. And everyone is different, and every case is different as well, isn’t it?

Leeanne: Yeah, absolutely. And as I say, prerequisites have to be hit. So, if you are not a fast track provider but you are on the partner side of things, and you’ve trained somebody in injectables who hasn’t got anatomy and physiology level three, they haven’t got the needle in experience, we can’t insure them. That’s not Insync cuz we are not an insurer. That’s the insurers we work with, prerequisites, the requirements they need those students to have before we can place the insurance with them. So yeah, it’s a really important element, and that’s the main thing I’d like to get across. You cannot guarantee insurance. It’s an impossibility.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Leeanne: I think if you have got a training academy, you are teaching beauty and aesthetics, you’ve got a teaching qualification, your courses are accredited, and you are teaching students in the right way. Get in touch, come and join us as a partner cuz we are really excited to hear from any of our current partners. We already love working with you, but if you would like to discuss that fast-track option again, give us a call, and we’ll have that chat with you.

Dawn: Brilliant. Well, thank you so much for coming on today.

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