Research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has revealed that more than half of builders in the UK have had their tools stolen, and nationally, tool theft is on the rise.

The crime wave surrounding tool theft is wreaking havoc across the UK, with many construction workers having tools stolen from their vans and even directly from construction sites. More often than not, vans are also being damaged while criminals seek the tools from inside.

The latest statistics from FMB reveal that of those builders that have had their tools stolen:

  • 46% of builders have had their side panel or door broken or pierced to be prised open.
  • 23% have had their windows smashed and doors opened from the dashboard.
  • And 22% have had their locks picked.

This leaves many firms vulnerable and unable to work until their tools are replaced, and the damage is repaired. These additional costs and delays in time are also leading to work being completed late, materials not being paid for, and the ongoing worry that it could happen again at any time.

So what can you do about it?

To minimise the risk of having your tools stolen, you should:

  • Store all tools away securely overnight.
  • Add additional locks, alarms and CCTV systems to your van and park against a wall or building away from the road so that your van cannot be easily entered.
  • Mark all equipment with an address or phone number and brand them with something easily identifiable to help them be recognised.
  • Register the serial numbers of all your equipment on an online database.
  • Insure your tools should the worst happen to them

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