Amazon Sellers Business Insurance 

Insurance for online selling on Amazon Marketplace that meets the needs of the company and regulations set out by Amazon.

Online Retailer Insurance | Online Shop Business Insurance

Ecommerce business insurance packages including public and products liability insurance which meets the needs of all major online retail platforms, including Etsy, eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

Online Retailer insurance for my Ecommerce business?

If you have created an e-commerce store whether, through Amazon, you will need to consider your insurance options.

If you are relying on your online retail business for a part or all of your income, you could find yourself in a tight spot should disaster strike. eCommerce or Internet Traders insurance can act as a safety net. Get your quote today.

Stock Protection

As an online retail business owner, your physical goods are arguably your most important asset. Without your stock, you will have nothing to sell.

With Insync, you can insure your stock for risks such as fire, theft, loss and damage to protect your income in the event of a disaster. For example, you store your stock in your garage, and a burst pipe causes water damage to your products, and they're now unsellable. With a robust policy, you can claim back the cost of the damaged goods and, with a Business Interruption extension, your fixed costs and lost earnings during that time would also be protected.

Products Liability for Amazon Sellers

Products Liability is recommended for all online retail businesses. Products Liability covers you for instances where physical products that you have supplied are alleged to have caused bodily injury, illness, accidental death, or property damage to a third party.

While the legal liability is usually placed on the manufacturer, some claims are not always clear cut and anyone in the supply chain can be brought into a dispute, particularly if the manufacturer doesn’t respond or is based in Asia and the claimant's lawyers will simply attach any liability to you as the seller. If you are selling products that you make yourself, our team can arrange personalized insurance for your business.

In the event of a claim, your product liability insurance will pay the costs of your legal defense and the compensation costs should the claimant be successful.

Public Liability for Online Retailers

Public and Product Liability insurance go together as standard. Like Product Liability, Public Liability covers you in the event of a member of the public suffering an injury, illness, accidental death, or third-party property damage as a direct result of your business activities, rather than a product supplied by you.

While an online business might have minimal interaction with members of the public, a Public Liability policy still comes recommended.

For example, a tradesperson is visiting your premises and trips over a loose carpet tile. The person is injured and makes a compensation claim against your business. Like Products Liability, your insurance will cover both legal and compensation costs to protect you from the financial losses of a claim.

Employers Liability for Online Retailers

While other types of insurance are not mandatory for online retailers, Employers Liability is a legal requirement in the UK for any businesses with staff that are not immediate family members. If you employ people, whether they be full-time, part-time or casual workers, you will need to have employers liability cover. Not having cover when you need it can result in fines of up to £2,500 for every day you are uninsured. You can find out more information on laws around Employers Liability on the website.

Employers Liability provides financial support if any of your employees suffer an injury, become ill or their property is damaged as part of their work for you. If someone is working for you voluntarily and are injured, they may still be able to make an Employers Liability claim. Be sure to discuss this with our team for more information.

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Amazon Sellers Insurance

Our Amazon Sellers insurance facility works on a menu-style basis, allowing you to simply select and pay for only the elements you need. Typical cover options include: 

  • Public and Product Liability Insurance

  • Cover for Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches

  • Manufacturing / Manufacturer cover available

  • Commercial Property Insurance

  • Cover for Legal Costs and Compensation Payments

  • Cover for Physical Loss, Accidental Damage and Theft

  • Stock or Goods Transit or Inland Marine Insurance available

  • Business Interruption for continuity

Why Insync for insurance

Specialist business insurance for those who sell on Amazon Marketplace.

  • We compare Prices and Cover from our Panel of Leading eCommerce Insurers

  • Instant Quotations - Cover and Policy Documents in Minutes

  • Flexible Cover & Monthly Payments – Just Pay for the Sections You Need

  • Expert Advice from Liability Insurance Specialists

  • Personal – Digital Servicing AND your own Dedicated Insurance Professional

Cyber Insurance

Cyber cover is a highly important part of online business insurance. As an Amazon Seller, you will likely be holding customer data and or taking payments online, making cyber insurance cover a high priority for your business. Our expert team at Insync can arrange a comprehensive cyber policy to protect your business in the event of a cyber-attack or data breach.

Commercial Property

It is intuitive that if you are running a business that your business premises will need commercial property insurance. However, if you are running an Amazon Marketplace business from your home, business owners often make the mistake of relying on their standard home insurance for protection. If you are operating an online retail business out of your home, you will need to make sure you have a specialist business policy in place such as working from home insurance.

Cargo Insurance

Sometimes products are lost and damaged in transit. Cargo or Transit Insurance will cover your assets while they are being shipped to your customers in the UK and abroad. Depending on the contractual arrangement with your supplier, you may also find that you are responsible for insuring goods from point of sending and without adequate cargo insurance you may be financially exposed to any loss or damage to the goods during transit.

Business Equipment Insurance

With a Business Equipment policy, you can insure your computer equipment, mobile phones, and specialist tools. For instance, if you are manufacturing or crafting goods to sell through Amazon Marketplace, your equipment will be crucial to your business's success. With Insync, you can insure your any manufacturing or packing tools, such as laser cutters, saws, drills, and more under your business insurance policy, as well as office equipment and contents.

Business Interruption

Business interruption will make up for your lost income following an insured event. For example, there is a fire at your warehouse, which takes out half your stock and takes weeks to repair. Business interruption is key to your business continuity during a disaster and preventing you from falling into arrears while your business gets back on track as fixed costs such as rent, rates, wage roll all need to be met, as well as any associated loss of profit.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance covers losses for your customers or others as a result of your professional advice. While this is often not relevant for a lot of online retailers, it might be an issue if you are using your status as an expert in your field to advise people on what they should buy. For example, you are a medical professional selling wellbeing products or are making custom items for a client, whether it be in bulk or an individual commission. If a client believes they have suffered a financial loss as a result of the advice, or professional services if you have provided, they may seek financial compensation, together with any associated costs – your professional indemnity insurance policy would protect you against such actions.

Is Online Retailers Insurance tax deductible?

According to HMRC, all business insurance is an "allowable expense" and, therefore, deductible from your taxable profit. Keep hold of your policy documents and receipts when you take out cover (these will be emailed to you).

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