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What types of beauty insurance cover do I need?

The types of beauty insurance cover you need for a start-up beauty clinic may be overwhelming at first. You must have all the correct cover in place before you start practising on clients.

Whether you’ve just finished training or you’re launching your first salon, there are some key policies you will need.

For any help along the way, just give one of our beauty insurance experts a call. Our team are on hand to offer advice and build your bespoke beauty policy.

What are your Business’ Weaknesses?

Thinking about your business’ weaknesses can help you choose the right insurance policy. Ask yourself what can go wrong and what you need to keep working. By doing this, you can devise a long-term plan to strengthen your business against foreseeable risks.

Such risks may include the following:

  • A client experiencing bodily injury from a treatment (burns, allergic reactions etc.)
  • Slips, trips and falls on your premises
  • Damage to a client’s property
  • Theft or damage to crucial equipment
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings

just to name a few.

Top Four Types of Beauty Insurance Needed

All beauty practitioners can benefit from the essential beauty insurance covers listed below.

  • Treatment Risk covers you if a client makes a claim for an injury sustained during a treatment. This might include burns, infections, allergic reactions, scarring etc.
  • Public liability covers you for third-party injury and property damage. This could include damage to their clothing or home. For injury claims, this will commonly concern slips, trips and falls.
  • Products liability insures against damages caused by products supplied by your business. For example, you sell beauty products at your counter, and they cause adverse effects. While the original manufacturer is usually to blame, there may be some legal fees for the seller.
  • Employers’ liability is mandatory for all UK employers. It covers claims of injuries or illnesses your employees experience from their employment. For instance, one of your employees falls down the stairs and claims damages.

Additional Salon-Specific Cover

Depending on your business and location, you may wish to cover the additional options of cover as well:

  • Business interruption recoups lost profits in the event that insurable property damage causes your business to close temporarily.
  • Property insurance protects your commercial property, buildings and contents from a broad range of risks.

Specialist Beauty Treatments

Treatments such as microblading, botox and semi-permanent make-up may need an additional policy. For these types of treatments, you may need to be covered for medical malpractice.

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